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Happy 2nd Birthday HKCantopop!

ahhh…another October 19

It seems like I’ve managed this blog for so long, but it’s actually only been 2 years. On the other hand, two years does seem like a long time. About two months ago I reached a big milestone: 1k followers! Thank you everyone for supporting this blog!

Sorry for spamming your dashes so much two weeks ago. LOL I lost like maybe 5 followers but then gained 10 more so yea that was interesting haha. After those 2 weeks I realized I wouldn’t give up on this blog so easily. I may be busy. I may not be listening to new songs. I may not be posting. But I definitely still pay attention to it all and go on Tumblr. I feel grateful to have you all as an audience who actually understand what I try to express. I feel grateful to know that I will always have somewhere to go to if I need to say something. Yea I go on your blogs if you reblogged something to see if you wrote secret comments in the tags or something haha, yea totally not creepy. 

I really don’t know what I can do to thank you all. Feel free to shoot me a message or leave a comment if you have any opinions or questions. I check the activity bar, and I usually reply! Even though my blog may be a cantopop blog, I’m open to random Tumblr chats and asks too (uhh assuming I can say something).  

Thank you again everyone!!! <3




In case you were wondering how big the protests in Hong Kong were.

Mmm a nice big shot even though this is like a whole week ago. Hong Kong is beautiful.


In case you were wondering how big the protests in Hong Kong were.

Mmm a nice big shot even though this is like a whole week ago.
Hong Kong is beautiful.

This is frustrating

Anti-protesters and government people are saying that protesters are a problem because they hinder business and daily lives. Who thinks that the protesters don’t want to go home either?? At this point, most protesters are willing to leave peacefully once the government is willing to have a meeting with the main groups: Scholarism, HK Federation of Students, and Occupy Central. Omg.
Just have a freaking meeting. No one expects a change right away. Even if the meeting results in no change from before this whole occupy central movement, it’s to show acknowledgement.
Btw side note:
These past few weeks have had a drop in business partially because of little/no mainlanders coming down to do business. Despite so, the general public like that feeling. There are less mainlanders fighting over buying things and less mainlanders crowding loudly in the subways, etc. These past ten years saw an increase in the number of pharmacies and jewelry shops and a sharp increase in real estate prices. All these resulted from the huge increase from mainlanders. This forces local HKers to suffer through the price problems and losing many local small businesses.

If HK returns to normal, like no more occupying the streets, do you think that mainlanders will rush back again or will China say no no HK isn’t good? Will that bring HK’s economy down? All the pharmacies and jewelry shops might suffer, but I feel that the whole of Hong Kong will be much happier.
Having a wealthy city doesn’t necessarily mean a happy city. Besides, some numbers say that HK’s something economic number has been dropping since the handover back to China :(

Stay strong Hong Kong.

林欣彤 - 奇遇記

This song is about how even if other people don’t believe in fairy tales, she will continue believing in them. Mag’s ideology is that without dreams, you’re no different than a dead fish xD. 
She is a girl who stays true to her dreams, believing that she will reach it one day. In other people’s eyes, she is a miracle herself. 

Me: plays 形影不難 on classmate's phone

Classmate: -looks at lyrics and sings-


貪戀得你麼 重重圍牆我跨不過~

加多一個鎖 長時期圍困拖垮我~


Me: 糟蹋 (jo taht)

Classmate: 嘩你沖涼唱呢首歌㗎?唔睇都識嘅?Wow do you sing this in the shower? How do you know the lyrics without looking??

Me: -cracks up inside- No.

A Different Classmate: How do you ask someone that???!?!!!?!?

Classmate: I sing it when I shower!!